Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Letter To The Editor Of A Newspaper Admonishing Reckless Driving

Mall Road
Jan 15, 1999
Jang Daily NewsLahore
I shall feel grateful if you allow me some space in your esteemed paper. I want to draw the attention of the authorities concerned towards reckless driving in Islamabad.
Islamabad has wide roads and chances of accident are comparatively few here. But probably this very fact encourages reckless driving. It has become a fashion. Motor drivers are seen moving at a breath taking speed. Cards pass by your whizzing even at turnings. Young college boys drive motor cycles and scooters without caring for their own or anybody else's life. It is veritable danger to school going children to old men and women who cannot cross the road quickly.
This rash driving is a regular nuisance and is responsible for fatal accidents which take place daily. Not a single day passes when we do not hear of some accident. Only yesterday a young man who was on the left side was run over by a motorcycle. The motorcyclist sped away at such a great speed. That nobody could even take note of the number of his motor cycle. Speed limits are not strictly enforced. Many a time the defaulters bribe the policemen on duty and get off.
The dire need is that a good limit should be fixed and the offenders be severely dealt with.
Yours truly
Mujahid Hussain


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